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how to get your wedding music just right How to plan your perfect wedding soundtrack with Fauna String Quartet

Choosing music for your wedding day can be super stressful; it’s so important to get it right that you might not know where to begin. Luckily, Fauna String Quartet, a Glasgow-based string quartet, are here to help […]

supplier spotlight meet Splendid Gentlemen

THE WEDDING BAND FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE WEDDING BANDS We’re not just about the aesthetics of weddings: we’re whole-heartedly and whole-headedly all about excellent wedding atmosphere too. One of the key ways to create an unbeatable wedding […]

Supplier Spotlight Meet KILLER CITY SOUND

NO BLACK SHIRTS AND RED TIES, JUST GREAT TUNES AND GOOD TIMES. Meet Killer City Sound, the wedding band your parents warned you about. And if their warning was that they’re so bloomin’ good you have to […]