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Solen Photography + the Chachi Power Project How to deal with body worries & being camera-shy on your wedding

Edinburgh-based wedding photographer Solen and intersectional body positivity ambassador Danni are coming together this week to film something to address the worries of body image on your wedding day, and how to deal with them and help […]

find your perfect wedding photographer top 24 modern wedding photographers in the UK

It can be hard to work out what’s most important when wedding planning, but in our humble opinion finding your dream wedding photographer is right up there (second to ‘having an excellent day’, which is numero uno.) […]

supplier spotlight meet Solen photography

SHE’S NOT CALLED SUNSHINE FOR NOTHIN’ To pick the perfect wedding photographer, you’ve gotta assess two things: a) are they good at the snaps and b) are they the kind of person you want to have on […]