Why I film weddings

Wedding films are special to me, it’s the same event but every couples stories and plans are different.

How did you meet, how long have you been together and what do you find special about each other.

I capture this and portray and present it with a narrative and in a cinematic way, this is what makes being a wedding videographer so interesting to me, in essence I am capturing your journey as a couple and the kinship of becoming husband and wife.

How I work

An unobtrusive and simplistic approach

Creating a wedding film for me is about capturing the essence of the day and going unnoticed at the same time
I like the day to unfold naturally at its own pace. I use minimal, small equipment and focus on documenting the day to create a film.
I concentrate on the basics. Composition , using light creatively and turning the ordinary into something beautiful.

My Aim

To craft your film into something timeless, that will be passed down from generation to generation.