The Unlikely Painter is a Glasgow based sign painter and custom leather jacket creator. Established in 2017 and inspired by his years of interest in graphic design, urban streetwear and graffiti. The artist’s work was first brought to public eye with his first exhibition “Thinkin’ bout you” displaying an array of mixed medium artwork including 8ft signs and leather jackets featuring inspirational, love focused quotes. Much of the one of a kind pieces were purchased on the night and the demand for the Unlikely Painter’s unique services have snowballed from there on.

Bespoke design is important to the Unlikely Painter, each piece whether a custom leather, table plans, gift signs, reverse glass or even a sign declaring your sentiments; you can have any message you want in a style that is complimentary to your colour scheme and in a way that makes your special day memorable and thought provoking.

If you’re ready to add something unique and eye catching to your wedding contact us.