The Giraffe Shed

We’re the Giraffe Shed – your badass, 100% alternative barn wedding venue, right in the rural heart of the UK.
We’re a family-owned venue on a farm in Central Wales, and we’re a bona-fide, one-of-a-kind, straight-up anomaly: a heptagonal palace of joy and confetti and dancing.
We’ve built the perfect place to throw your unique, creative and highly personalised wedding – all of the beautiful aesthetics of your classic barn/farm wedding, but with home comforts, decent heat, and value for money! Sure, your nanna might not fancy it, but she’s going to have an awesome time once she actually gets here!
Okay, so – if you’ve never thrown a wedding in a big heptagon-shaped concrete barn on a farm in the middle of Wales before, then here’s the basics.
We can accommodate weddings with up to 80 daytime guests, with 100 total at night. That’s right – we’re all about the small, intimate affairs. What better excuse to leave out your parents’ pals, right? You’re welcome.