You are creative, empathetic and have actual palpitations at the thought of being the centre of attention for a whole day. You are THIS close to eloping just to keep things simple. The thought of being photographed is a huge cringe.

You love live music, art, good food (all the pizza), a laugh, a roadtrip with pals and support lots of wee local brands. More than anything you want for your wedding day to be chilled and joyous.


Our photographs are natural, relaxed and celebratory. We believe that happy memories look like sunny days regardless of the weather so our images are colourful, bright, light, emotive and JOYFUL.

Above all make sure you feel at ease with the photographer(s) you book so they can capture your natural connection on camera with ease even if the thought freaks you out! Solen and our wee band of ladies don’t ask you to do anything too posed, most of the time you won’t know we’re even there (we might be hiding in the bushes tbh, we are pro level creeps). We love to work with suppliers with strong eco credentials.

Let’s be pals and make some ace memories.