Elegant & Luxurious wedding films.

My approach to creating a wedding film is ‘simplicity & elegance’, I film weddings with just me, my camera and my eyes. Keeping everything as minimal as possible means that I can focus on whats happening around me. I can mingle in with guests and watch for those moments as they naturally unfold, rather than forcing or manufacturing them.

I love the use of natural light. Understanding how to use natural light well, mixed with good composition means that I can create engaging, interesting and artistic films without having to bring masses of kit with me. It all falls back to simplicity & elegance.

Although I love making a film look as good as possible, I also focus on telling the story of you & your wedding day. Picking out the key parts of your day, mixed with the emotional speeches and thoughtful vows made, I spend days carefully putting it all together, concentrating my attention to the details.

Creating an authentic, luxurious wedding film.