A wedding, elopement or vow renewal is an opportunity to share your own beautiful version of love with each other and those who mean the very most to you. Whether your words are heard by a thousand guests, a close few, or just you two and the elements, this is a place where magic happens.

For a long time, the wedding ceremony has been an overlooked and often rushed part of the day, because it has followed old structures and scripts. It doesn’t have to be that way. Your ceremony can be a manifestation of all that you are together. My dream is this: to work with you to create something sacred. Something that you will remember forever with fondness and truth. The truth of your story as individuals and as a couple, and the truth of your faith. Whether you consider yourself to be agnostic, spiritual or belonging to religion, I am here for all of it. Likewise, I love to work with all sexual orientations and gender identities. This is a safe space for you.