From Flowers to Food, through to an authentic Old Barn, we have all you need for the perfect ‘do’. Established in 2009, in deepest, darkest Sussex, Petal & Feast grew organically out of a love for beautiful old objects, abundant rambling displays of seasonal flowers and delicious, locally sourced food.

Our flowers are natural, wild and loosely arranged. Where possible we love to use homegrown blooms, embracing their curvy stems, textures, scent and seasonality. We are passionate about good quality, flavoursome and fuss free food and are more at the plentiful, wholesome end of the spectrum than tiny stacks drizzled in jus.

Nestled down a quiet country lane near Steyning, West Sussex, at the foot of the South Downs, our barn is a ‘proper’ barn on a ‘proper’ farm. The Secret Barn is home to Petal & Feast, an exclusive, authentic rustic hideaway. It has beams swathed in fairy lights and original flooring ready to be danced on.

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