We are Pantry Events and we LOVE food. Food that is seasonal, food that is local and food that is tasty! Relaxed and informal is our vibe but if you’re looking for something more formal, we can do that too! We’re not a one size fits all kind of caterer, we want your input for your wedding scran so get in touch and tell us all about your dream meal – nothing is too over the top!

We’ll work with you to create the perfect day for you and your guests. Our team can look after everything from the food and drink to running the day so that you don’t have to worry about the small things on the day. You should be away celebrating with your friends and family so let us look after everything else.

And if your worried about your guests being hungry after dinner (cause let’s face it, we’ve all been at one of those weddings), here’s what one of our lovely couples have said…

‘We’ve had so many compliments that it was the ‘best and most wedding food ever’. Every plate was clean and dish empty when I was doing the rounds. I personally have never seen so much food, so well presented, and most importantly SO tasty!

Drop us an email or slide into our DMs for sample menus and let’s get planning!

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