“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it´s The Oysterman!” Are you looking for an interesting and unique addition to your wedding? The Oysterman Events organises for fresh Scottish oysters to be delivered to all sizes of weddings and engagement celebrations.

Our oystermen mingle with your guests and offer freshly shucked oysters. Each oyster is opened by our professional oystershuckers, individually checked for quality and given directly to your guests to enjoy with a special seasoning or raw.  Our service provides an entertaining addition to canapés and pre-meal drinks.
Having an oysterman mingle amongst your guests is a great conversation starter and ice-breaker and we are sure to raise a smile from your guests and provide plenty of photo opportunities.
Our oystermen can adapt to formal or informal wedding parties, indoors or outdoors. He or she is self-sufficient and does not need any logistical set up from the event organiser. Get in touch for more information and to get slurping on your special day!