Even before becoming photographers, we have always loved photography – in fashion magazines, art galleries, coffee table books and old family albums. That’s where we’re coming from and if you’re into good photography, you’ll understand.

We won’t bore you with a list of influences – just know that every photo we’ve loved and every technique we’ve learned has in some small way gone into the images we produce. You’re going to be looking at your wedding photos for years to come, we don’t want to give you a set of images you are pleased with, but a set of images that you LOVE. When you look at them in 30 years time they will tell a story about your wedding day and the marriage that followed. Talk to us and tell us what you’re after.  We’ve got plenty ideas of our own, but we want to hear about all your plans and how we can do what we do best; transform them into amazing photography.

Sequoia and Sam x