Marloe Watch Company is an independent designer and producer of wrist watches based in Oxfordshire, owned by Oliver and Gordon. Having crossed paths in the Spring of 2015, they created Marloe to reinvigorate the world of hand-wound timepieces.

Marloe’s values are strongly bound to tradition and design. As watches get smarter and lives more complicated, there is a movement embracing the slow-living counter culture, going back to the simple things. So as the technology brands fight it out over who makes the smartest watch, we are proudly going against the grain to create the most traditional of all watches – the hand-wound timepiece.

Each watch is engraved with a unique serial number; the perfect personalised touch for a wedding gift which will be with you forever. Hand-winding your watch each morning provides a moment of reflection; a chance to remember the special connection between two people, to remember your time spent together, and to relive your wedding day.

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