We are a Scotland-based, fine jewellery brand specialising in delicate diamond engagement and wedding rings made using sustainable and ethical materials.

Our mission is to make beautiful jewellery in a responsible way, that while delicate will last generations. While doing so, we aim to show our clients that mass produced jewellery can never match the beauty of a thoughtfully and responsibly made heirloom.

We are primarily an ecommerce business, and we don’t have a traditional store front. Our workshop is based in Alva, right by the Silver Glen, that takes its name from the silver that was mined here in the early 18th century. The deposit was the richest deposit of native silver ever found in the British Isles!

Quality and ethics are the values we treasure most. While we are perfectionists and each piece is hand crafted to the highest standards, our quality control starts right at the source, with our materials. All our 18k gold and other noble metals are recycled.