Wedding photography for life’s dreamers, shakers and makers, poets and adventurers.  
You believe that love wins and value all the good stuff like heart felt honesty, old fashioned romance, family gatherings, your circle of friends.  You notice the small things too; the smell of freshly cut grass, the sunlight in your kitchen, the sound of the wood pigeon on a summers evening and how earthy autumn feels. 
I am capturing your wedding from the inside out, from it’s heart to the edges and everything in between.  I shot a combination of stylish portraiture and lively documentary to capture how it felt.  If you love your tribe hard, wear your heart on your sleeve and dance in your kitchen as if no-one is watching then we are going to get along.  I will blend effortlessly into your day enabling me to create a beautiful, natural story of your day. 
I am a photographer and know nothing else!  20 years since I studied at University, 7 years shooting weddings and over 200 weddings shot and millions of photographs later it still feels like I have only just begun.
I travel far and wide in the UK and worldwide.