Ink & Thimble is a creative embroidery & illustration service, founded by human being Julia Bethan (JB).

Textile artist & Freelance Illustrator JB specialises in crafting handmade, original items for playful, uniquely-sentimental & creative human beings. From bespoke wedding veils, to denim jackets, to stitched love letters – Ink & Thimble is there for all and any needs that require 1) a creative brain 2) embroidery and/or illustration design 3) the celebration of one or more lovely human beings.

My favourite commissions often come from the smallest places and the littlest things. My intention for Ink & Thimble was to champion these memories, from that old post-it note on the fridge saying ‘There’s ice cream in the freezer’ to embroidering nonsensical nicknames into denim jacket collars. These tributes aren’t little things to the person who owns them.