Floral Ménagerie {Flohruhl Mey-nahzh-uh-ree}

1.An unusual collection of wild flowers, especially for exhibition or show

After years working in museums and galleries, I was given a very special opportunity to train with a local floral designer and now, it’s time to bring together my two favourite things: curating and designing flowers for weddings and events across Scotland.

My personal style is a wee bit oddball (think hair metal rocker with a good dollop of ‘90s goth) and I’m pretty sure this filters through to my floral style. You can’t beat a beautifully formed iconic rose (just ask Axl), but it’s good to balance the traditional with a bit of individuality and I love to source the perfect flowers & foliage for each client.

Working on your own can drive you a little bit mad, so, I also run a variety of workshops and floral demonstrations throughout the year! If you’d like to help alleviate the insanity, I’d love to meet up for a coffee and chat about your wedding flowers!
Lisa x