Dunskey Estate: A secluded coastal private estate in Scotland’s lowlands entrenched in living history and incomparable splendour. Amidst 2000 acres of spectacular Scottish arcadia sits Dunskey Estate. A sprawling sanctuary, home to an Edwardian castle, luxurious lodges and panoramic views of the land and sea, it’s the perfect environment for both large group getaways and small intimate gatherings.

You’ll have your pick of gorgeous scenery when you choose Dunskey Estate for your wedding venue, with grounds and gardens providing spectacular backdrops for your picture-perfect day. Here, every aspect of your wedding is thoughtfully crafted and personalized to you. Our Edwardian castle and stately grounds make for a breathtaking wedding venue, providing picturesque backdrops that evoke a sense of majesty in all who gather to witness. Together, you and your guests will discover excellence at every level.