CoopCouture’s silk knitted wedding dresses offer contemporary brides an effortlessly elegant and original style. Every CoopCouture design is crafted by hand in their London studio and expertly constructed to define your figure. Luxuriously comfortable to wear, their distinctive knitted silk fabric is also naturally breathable – perfect for your wedding day, whatever the time of year.
From day one you’ll work closely with designer and founder, Gracie Cooper, to create an embroidery pattern for your dress that’s inspired by you and the things you love. This piece of art is then intricately hand embroidered onto your dress, making each CoopCouture design truly original, and an authentic reflection of you.

They also believe designers have a duty to make their work sustainable, especially in an industry known for its excess and waste. Every knitted silk design is made wholly with (wo)man power and could, if required, be entirely unravelled and reconstructed into a new design. If you’d like them to, they’ll even work with you after your wedding to refashion your dress in any number of creative ways.