So hey, I’m Amy.

I’m a creative wedding photographer for weirdos in love. I affectionately refer to myself as “the wedding creep”. I’m based in Merseyside, but I work all over the UK & internationally.

I’m ridiculously passionate about the kind of couples who couldn’t give a fuck about being “perfect” on their wedding day. Because of this I tend to specialise in weddings where couples bite the cake instead of cutting it, wear DM’s under their dresses, change into matching sequin outfits for the evening party, scale fences with me to get to the good portrait spots and don’t give a toss about dirty dress hems – my couples basically smash the shit out of their weddings by being utter babes.

The bond I make with my couples is sooo important to me – having that trust allows my couples to let their hair down and allows me to capture them at their best without any awkward barriers. I’m honoured to have even a tiny insight into their exclusive club of 2.

Let’s be weird together!!

Photos alllll by me, baby!