For the dreamers, the wanderers, the dancers, the lovers, the free spirits. I want to tell your story. The sand in your toes as the waves lap your feet, the wind in your hair surrounded by mountains, woodland and the most beautiful landscapes you ever did see, the vibes of a bustling city as you make your way to your kick ass bash. The anticipation, excitement and adrenaline of celebrating the best day ever with all your friends and family. Whether you want an intimate elopement, a small affair with those nearest and dearest or a huge party with everyone you have ever known and loved, let me tell your story. Let me harness the emotions, the memories and the love.

Im an avid book lover, music enthusiast, donut eater, travel junkie and Netflix addict. I use light to narrate your story and shadows to create moody hues. Narrating each moment as it arises. I have an unobtrusive approach throughout most of the day however I will give some guidance when it comes to lighting and portraits. Its important to me that we have a great connection and you guys feel that you can relax around me and most importantly, trust me.

A truly magical story is one that is from the heart so I watch for the moments, I feel for the story and I go with my heart. Documenting, creating and translating your day into a timeless story.

If only for a moment, let me tell a story that will last forever.