Scotch Bonnet Ceilidh Band

The Scotch Bonnet Ceilidh Band is the perfect choice if you love the idea of a ceilidh at your wedding, but are worried about a potential overload of tartan and twee!

Scotch Bonnet promises ceilidh with a kick! A perfect marriage of traditional fiddle tunes with a rocking rhythm section of guitars, bass and drums to keep your guests dancing all night long. We have an experienced caller to teach the dances, so even ceilidh newcomers will be keen to take to the floor. The emphasis is always on fun; no-one’s going to call the Ceilidh Police if you don’t quite get it first time. Some dances will be familiar (Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Canadian Barn Dance), while others may be new to you, like our unique Sir Jackson Circle.

Scotch Bonnet also offers a three-piece ‘unplugged’ option – no electric guitar or bass – which is ideal for smaller venues or budgets, and if you’re looking for some ceilidh followed by an hour or 2 of disco, they can  see you through. Get in touch for more details!