Hello! I’m Sophie, a Scottish Florist specialising in wedding loveliness! I heart anything bright, fun, vintage, quirky, wild, scented or unusual.

My style is wild, natural and colourful, a heady mix of each Seasons most beautiful blooms. I’m based in Glasgow, and will travel wherever you’d like to take me.

I started I Heart Flowers on a cold day in 2010, after being made redundant at a flower shop I was working at. Since then I’ve travelled thousands of miles all over Scotland and Northern England for hundreds of amazing weddings. I’ve created arrangements in the most beautiful and unusual colour combinations. I’ve wobbled on stepladders and napped in panel vans, exhausted after a hard day’s blooming.

I ♥ flowers above all, but have a soft spot for midnight walks, Lomography, and anything Sci-Fi.