We love what we do, we love hearing the ideas of couples excitedly planning their wedding day and we love having the ability to turn those ideas into a reality.

We are timeless in our efforts to earn your loyalty and trust, and deeply believe in the diversity and creativity that flows from the many backgrounds and experiences of our clients, guests and employees.
With an imaginative and flexible approach we aim to create something personal to you as a couple.  We don’t believe in package deals and everything is tailored to your needs, you won’t be faced with boundaries or it can’t be done’s. Instead we take a personal approach, learning what you are like as a couple and making sure it is your personality, ideas and food loves that shine through on the day.
From customising and cooking your menu, to full wedding planning, from crockery and linen needs, to installing an operating kitchen, from bar support to a fully functioning bar service we can help with all of your food and drink needs.