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A Couple of notes to remember:All professional images must be renamed with a credit for the photographer who provided them so we can provide credit. ( eg – ‘MyBusinessName_PhotographersName.jpg’.)  This is a really important way to not only adhere to the copyright law but also to say thank you & strengthen your business relationships.  There’s a free trial for a programme you can use to do this here. For quick image Re-sizing try this programme.

Please accurately choose where you can provide your service in the location area. To keep the search function at its most useful we must ensure that it is accurate. Please only select locations you travel to work to or ship products to. It’s about where you regularly go to work not where your clients are from.

Images – to make the most of the masonry style of the gallery layout please upload a mix of landscape, portrait & square orientated images. This goes for your feature image too!

When selecting your categories, please note that extra categories are priced at £50 per year.

Big love and can’t wait to see your profile on the directory!

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  • Please accurately describe where you currently work from - where your business address is registered.
    Please accurately describe where you currently work or will travel to work. It's important that this information is accurate to create a useful search tool for couples.
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