Membership Guidelines

Rather than creating a space sharing more of the same same, with a never-ending directory of un-vetted, uncomplimentary Suppliers  –  we carefully select + hunt out innovative, forward thinking creatives. These businesses love what they do + can build, style, plan, feed, host and document the modern wedding havers dream celebration.

As we all know, the appetite for a non-traditional wedding is still at its peak with couples planning design-conscious celebrations that reflect who they are, their personal style and make a statement about their relationship.  So we look for wedding professionals who are bringing something completely new or unique to the table. This is how we must run the TWC to keeps standards high and be fair to all of our existing members.

So, here are a few tips, pointers and observations that will improve the chances of membership.

• Explore our directory and read our blog to familiarise yourself with the style of content and standard of work we share. You won’t find a better indication of what we look for in the businesses we want to work with than on our website and it will help you determine if your brand is a good match for our community.

• All members should have a high-quality website which is frequently updated with professional images and free of broken links or inaccurate information –  and/or be active on social media sharing new or updated work regularly with strong imagery / sense of brand / authenticity & individual style.

• Photography for Profiles must be taken by a professional and images must be modern + clean to stay consistent with the wedding collective aesthetic. If you don’t have high quality images – go out and get them! Nothing will sell your business better.

• This is a community of creatives and we pride ourselves on being a friendly space – so if you have any collaborative work or have even worked with any existing members already – show us! We love to see businesses working together to create fresh, new inspiration for couples.

Remember the sole reason for this online space is to showcase your business to that hard to reach, niche market of creative couples who are prioritising quality, style and design. They are looking to discover the right Suppliers for them, and we are making this easy by unearthing talent who fit the bill.  So, the more unique & inspiring the suppliers, the more unique & inspiring the couples we attract!
It’s a win win.