How to make Pinterest work for your business

Pinterest Queen Rachel Emma Studio is taking you through her top tips for Pinterest:

Have you been wondering how to make Pinterest work for your business? Being in the wedding world, you probably see people chatting about Pinterest all the time. But as for harnessing it so that it actually brings you ideal customers and converts into sales? That can seem like a total mystery. Well don’t worry Wedding Collective angels, I’m here like your friendly neighbourhood PI, so we can start solving that mystery together.


I know the thought of adding yet another string to your multi-stringed internet bow can be a bit panic inducing, but trust me when I say that when utilised properly, you can get SO much out of Pinterest. It’s most often the first port of call for engaged couples looking for wedding inspo – in fact with search terms like “garden wedding” increasing in popularity by 441%, Pinterest is very much the place to be in 2020.


It can be overwhelming to be faced with mastering yet another digital tool, so that’s why I’ll be sharing 5 easy steps you can start right now to get you more success on Pinterest. The best place to start with your journey to pinning wizardry is with optimising your profile. The most important thing to remember is that Pinterest is a search engine NOT a social media platform. So when you’re updating your profile, just remember to bear that in mind – you’re looking to appeal to users who are searching for your content, not coming across your feed and following/interacting with you like they might on instagram.


  • Tidy up your boards. Think of your profile like your ideal customer’s favourite magazine, so your boards should be all the topics covered in that magazine. Anything that’s less relevant to your customers, make into secret boards, that way you can still enjoy your cute cat photos but they’re not muddling your brand in the process.
  • Fill your boards. It’s always better to have less boards with more than 25 pins in them each, than loads of boards with only a couple of pins in them. I recommend getting your profile to a good base of at least 20-30 boards, and make sure they’re full of relevant, useful content that your target people will fall in love with.
  • SEO is your best pal. As I said before, Pinterest is a search engine, so make sure you are appealing to search by using keyword rich board titles, descriptions and pin descriptions. Don’t try and be creative or clever with your board titles (eg. w e d d i n g v i b e s) – just go for descriptive terms that couples are likely to be typing into search, and say exactly what your board is about. Don’t keyword stuff either – they don’t like that and neither will your audience.
  • Get your pins working for you. Think about your imagery and make sure your pins are optimised to perform well in the smart feed (Pinterest’s version of *the algorithm*). Things to remember: use portrait images in a 2:3 ratio, choose high quality photography, and experiment with text overlay on your photos.
  • Pin a good mix of your own original content and supporting content from other users, and pin it consistently. Pinterest themselves suggest a minimum of 5 pins a day, spread out across the day (no more ghosting with the occasional pinning spree for you my friend).

Put these 5 simple tips into action, and you’ll be off to a flying start on Pinterest. And here are 3 final bonus tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t chase followers. Followers aren’t an important metric on Pinterest, in fact I would go as far as to say you can completely ignore them. The most important numbers to keep an eye on are monthly unique viewers, engaged viewers, the amount of saves (or repins) you’re getting, and most importantly your website click throughs.
  • You can schedule your pins if you want to. Tailwind is a brilliant scheduling tool that’s affiliated with Pinterest, so it will save you time and you won’t be at all penalised for using it.
  • Get all your ducks in a row. Make sure you’re set up as a business account, get Rich Pins set up and claim your website and social media channels too. All of these things add up to making you into a “quality pinner” which will make the smart feed more likely to showcase your brilliant content.

I hope this has left you feeling inspired and eager to get pinning, and if you have any questions then feel free to send me an email, or hit me up on instagram @rachelemmastudio. Alternatively, if you want to book in for Pinterest training, click here!