Market Info.

Well guys the time is NIGHHHHH.  We’re well excited!!  It’s been such a beautiful Summer so far so we’re REAL looking forward to getting the squad together and dressing this incredible light bright space again – with some sunshiney heat this time ! The Spring market was an absolute smasher so let’s make it the same again! yolo yolo yolo!

Join the FB group hereand let me know if any trouble getting involved there because those fb groups can be a bass!

This page here is where you’ll find all of the info you need about the event. So please save it for reference.(and shout if we’ve missed anything please please, ta!)

THURSDAY JULY 26th / 5-8pm  THE BRIGGAIT147 Bridgegate, G1 5HZ

+ ACCESS times: * SET-UP from 2pm *

DOORS OPEN AT 5 SHARP  so everyone must be completely totally smashy looking by then. (our events are always queued on the door so bear that in mind. don’t be late!)

+ PARKING + LOADING: parking is available directly across the road on KING ST carpark.

+ TABLES: if you’ve booked a table they are 4ft trestles + need covered so be sure to bring a table cloth / covering of your choosing! We do not supply these so you can do something more exciting than a white cloth (yawn)  As per we can’t guarantee space beyond the 4ft wide partition/spot booked so please plan to fit within the space – if there’s room to stretch out a wee bit we can sort that on the day once everyone is in and set-up. If you’ve got any out-size pieces /decor ideas you’d like to display away from your stand let us know if you haven’t already, and we can utlilise other areas of the venue.

+ PARTITIONS – You can tack, pin and use small nails and screws on them – anything outside that get in touch with your idea.

GOODIE BAGS – There will be 100 if you’d like to add something you can do it before 4.30pm. As well as flyers/biz cards etc – think something outside the box –  Doesn’t have to be expensive either. (Some ideas on the pin boards!)

+ LIGHTING – something that will create ambience, warmth & character to your stall – because let’s be honest here – the weather has been amazing but it could be dull shite usual scotland summer by 2 weeks time so you want to make sure you keep things as lively & good looking as possible at each of your stalls if that’s the case.

BRING A TOOLKIT – essentials such as blue tack, string, scissors, gaffa tape, a step ladder, wee nails etc etc.

+ POWER – Let us know if you need power if you haven’t told us already and Bring Long Extensions– multiple plugs socket things if you’ll need them. And bring more than you think you’ll need (cos you’ll need it!)

+ CREATIVE FUNSTUFF Create unusual installations to really showcase your talents. Again – we are going for a relaxed market style atmosphere & creative concept in a space where couples can get super inspired.  Let’s make a completely unique/cool/amazing event – the type of work we love to create – and snag those awesome couples – let’s encourage them to think outside the box – in this space you can really go for it. So, y’know, go for it –  check out the Market Inspiration + Promo ideas Pinterest boards for some inspo here  here.  

+ SNACKS – y’know, bring snacks if you’ll be hungry.

+ WARMTH – Remember that these big venues can be cold – thats. just. life so dress appropriately  but we are telling you to be sensible. because sometimes people aren’t ya know?! Doesn’t hurt to bring a rug to stand on if that’s your thing too.

+ RUBBISH – please pick up after yourself and find a place for rubbish leaving the space as you found it.

+ OUTSIZE PIECES– We’ve heard so many great suggestions and ideas from you all for creating unique spaces – if you have anything outside the box or suggestions for decor outside your own stall – holler at us – we’re all ears! LETS MAKE THIS SPECIAL.

Look out for those promo graphics and guest list tkts for all your clients coming over in an email for you to get out there + SHARE!

Let’s smash SUMMER 2018 with a whole bunch of lovely, creative client bookings! Any other questions, suggestions or bits & pieces give us a shout!

Claire + Gillian