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Supplier Spotlight Meet E.Y.I.LOVE

WE LOVE E.Y.I LOVE – ALWAYS HAVE, AND ALWAYS WILL. They keep their fingers on the wedding stationery pulse with red-hot design, a magpie-esque love of metallics and the best materials. In fact, they make the pulse more often […]

Supplier Spotlight Meet KILLER CITY SOUND

NO BLACK SHIRTS AND RED TIES, JUST GREAT TUNES AND GOOD TIMES. Meet Killer City Sound, the wedding band your parents warned you about. And if their warning was that they’re so bloomin’ good you have to […]

Supplier Spotlight Meet HILDE. wedding planning and design

REFINED ELEGANCE + GOOD TIMES. We breathe a giant collective sigh of contentment whenever we see Hilde.‘s work, because her aesthetic is just. so. damn. good. She’s passionate about planning and designing meaningful weddings with real character […]

Supplier Spotlight Meet GINNY & THE TONIC

CLASSIC SONGS WITH FRESH SOUNDS Without tooting our own horn, we’re constantly providing you with gorgeousness for your eyes, but today we’re also providing you with gorgeousness for your ears in the form of über-talented piano duo […]

Supplier Spotlight Meet THE WEDDING ENTHUSIAST

THEY SAY SHE MAKES WEDDING MAGIC… Meet Ellie, The Wedding Enthusiast. A girl in the know. And one of the few modern shakers out there bringing a fresh feel to the planning side of things. With a limitless […]


EXQUISITE PORTRAITURE, RICH DETAILS, AND RAW EMOTION. Speaking of raw emotion, we’re getting a bit emotional over here at TWC HQ thanks to Joanna Brown Photography‘s incredible work. Brighton-based wedding and editorial photographer Joanna is a real-life alchemist, able […]

The Best of 2017 Wonderful & Strange

“Oh hello there. We’re David and Martyna… AKA Wonderful and Strange! For those who don’t know us, we’re a couple of Scottish wedding and elopement photographers.”

cuttings from the garden Hedgerow

Known for wild blooms with personality Rachael of Hedgerow has been sharing these sweet garden cuttings over on her instagram. A great way for experimenting with  colour & texture palettes for your wedding day florals.

New Collection Alison Macleod Jewellery

We asked Alison Macleod to tell us about her new collection + the process behind her designs + signature style… – I start each new piece in silver, building up my signature Catkin design by soldering every […]

exclusive pop up bridal event Fabricated Bridal x Jean Jackson Couture

It’s in our official capacity as champions of cool for Scotland that we’re warning Glasgow to prepare itself for a serious wave of boho beauty this weekend: Fabricated Bridal are welcoming the inimitable Jean Jackson Couture for […]

Guest Post Decor Trends by Arrow + Twine

Following on from our office crystal ball 2017 WEDDING TRENDS predictions for Fashions + Style .. ARROW + TWINE curated some of their favourite wedding trends for this year + next in Styling + Decor. The images these guys […]

a live demo Carve Jewellery Worshop

This week we are hosting our Summer wedding Market – the LATE edition (buy tkts here) – and it’s set to be as creative, inspiring + fun as ever with a crazy line up, boozy welcomes + […]

Flower Crown Hen Party

Little Botanica Flower Crown Hen Party

Little Botanica are guest posting today…. and it’s a perfect hen party idea… Here at Little Botanica we are always over the moon to host a Flower Crown Hen Party for one of our beautiful brides-to-be at […]

calligraphy workshop

Brahmin Lettering Co! calligraphy workshops

Ever fancied your hand at some fancy hand lettering? Hey, nows the time!  Here’s Brahmin Lettering Co telling you all about their modern calligraphy workshops .. starting again towards the end of the Summer :   Caitlin’s modern […]

alternative engagement rings

Alternative Engagement Rings Jewellers Showcase

Big thanks to our lovely intern Cara for getting to know our Suppliers + creating this little blog series for y’all. The Wedding Collective would be absolutely no where without our beloved suppliers who help to push the […]

bespoke wedding dress

new designs rowanjoy

“Layers of peeling wallpaper, perfect muted tones, torn paper on the floor. A space in decay that we imagined our girl had grown from and was part of the building itself. Her outfits merge with the colour palette of […]

by Tupelo Tree Grounded

Very excited to share this FASHION+FLOWERS inspiration shoot by TWC Florist Tupelo Tree . . . recently featured in JUTE MAGAZINE + on PhotoVogue in VOGUE ITALIA! G R O U N D E D The idea […]

supplier spotlight Killearn Village Hall

Warm & MERRY 2016 welcomes now to one of our next new teamTWC members – the latest edition to the  Three Sisters Bake empire – KILLEARN VILLAGE HALL. We are so excited to have this incredible space […]

Hello Bespoke Catering

Warm and merry 2016 welcomes to one our newest #teamTWC members  –  BESPOKE CATERING. Check out their Profile in our Directory HERE The images say it all.  Y U M.  Simple, quality ingredients – these guys don’t […]

creative wedding florist scotland

The Spotlight Series Tupelo Tree Garden

Hello! Happy Winter-time to you all. We’re back with our Supplier Spotlight Series finally! And first up is the newest Florist to join The Wedding Collective ranks… Let’s hear it from the lovely Natasha – to be […]

trends cake favourites

  B A K E D  no. 2 //  C O N T E M P O R Y  D E L I C A T E  G E O M E T R I C This […]