authentic thinkers & modern doers

we are the small team who curate this collection of innovative wedding creatives from our studio in london and various cafes + spots in glasgow.

since starting in 2011 as a small gathering of local entrepreneurs, we’ve been lucky enough to meet an incredible selection of people + businesses. formed to create a space for talents with a modern aesthetic to connect with those seeking to plan unique & personal celebrations, we’ve grown to include a selection of unique businesses all curated & hand-picked by us. we’re here to lighten the load of planning a meaningful celebration for you & your partner whatever that may be!

our community grows organically through genuine admiration and word of mouth.  it’s this, combined with our obsession for finding authentic thinkers and modern doers which allows us to bring together the fine collection you see here.

if you think this sounds like you & your business, we would love to hear from you.

Photography Credits:
The Hendrys + The Curries


one half of photo duo the curries, i’m the guy who put this thing into motion. to be here 7 years later with a whole host of people we’re proud to be involved with feel’s pretty incredible. the thing that drives me most is finding hidden gems, convincing small businesses that the wedding industry is a really creatively satisfying industry to be involved with. its a pretty rare job where you can create something so meaningful & special for your client on every job.

my mission is to shake-off the staid reputation the industry has and bring forward the next generation – championing true creatives who value great service + authentic products.



marketeer, blogger + social media bits, i help grow this space with too many words on instagram + ridiculous long-winded mass emails. being a wedding jack with many hats brought me to twc + gradually behind the scenes where i now sit eating biscuits.

i recently turned full mama to eddy who joined our big kitchen life (see eyeroll hashtag on instagram) making our family 4 + more magic than ever. i cry often. i feel it all. i’m lucky with life lobsters big + small. i love our small but big flat and the city we live in. and hey, my body made a boy and my vagina survived.

life feels full + the future quite magic.




the bit about me… hello me! i’m one half of the curries, i’ve been a photographer for over 10 years now and absolutely love it! i’m a huge fan of experimental music + love getting to as many gigs as possible. i make far too many playlists on spotify. i’m a football fanatic. i love food… all the food, give me some good meat or cheese any day of the week. love to travel + explore different cultures – mainly the food. i like writing lists that never end, making new plans and adventures for the future.

i couldn’t be more proud of where we are today, as a business, a resource to thousands of couples over the years but mainly for the twc family we have created here.