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authentic + artistic wedding photography Nikki Leadbetter Photography 2017 Faves

Are you ready for an emotional rollercoaster? Good, because that’s what you’re going to get. If you’ve never had that moment before where you literally gasp from overawe, sit down and buckle up, because our Wedding Collective […]

bridal market glasgow

Autumn Edition nikki leadbetter x amm team x floral menagerie

  Our next Bridal Market is approaching fast – October 30th y’all! Get that date saved! – and we love to get some of the team together for a bit of a collaborative pow wow ahead of […]

Piha Beach Magic New Zealand engagement shoot

We’re a big fan of engagement shoots at the Wedding Collective and naht because they’re trendy (remember, kids, we don’t follow things because they’re trendy, we show them love because they’re well-designed, well-executed and beautiful things. Continue) […]

unique wedding venues scotland

scotland Unique Wedding Venues

We are some seriously lucky wedding-havers in this country with an amazing selection of unique wedding venues Scotland has SO many to choose from we are thoroughly spoilt!  Whether you want to get hitched in the city, […]