by Ella Mai Elopements –  The 6 parts of artful elopement planning (Part 6: Get ready to elope!)

24 June 2022

For the past few weeks, the Ella Mai team have been sharing their elopement planning tips in their elopement series. In the final edition today, Ella and Marijane explain how to bring it all together: aka, get ready, it’s time to elope!

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For now, we’re teaming up with The Wedding Collective to lay down the basics for eloping. If you’ve been considering an elopement, or you’ve already started your own elopement planning journey – this series is for you. So let’s get into it!

06. Get ready to elope!

So all your suppliers are booked, and the itinerary is finalised. Now it’s time to get ready, and pull all the details together!

Set a reminder in your phone for 3 months before your elopement date. This is when you can begin your marriage paperwork. If you’re getting legally married, you need to apply for a marriage license, and possibly marriage visitor visas if you’re travelling internationally. These do not typically take 3 months to complete, but if there are issues with your documents or applications, it’s important to have plenty of time to fix it.

About a month before your elopement, send a message to all your suppliers to confirm everything. Make sure everyone has a copy of your itinerary, pickup/delivery times and addresses are all confirmed, and you have everyone’s contact details in case something happens.

This is also a good time to start a note on a piece of paper, or in your phone, with a list of all the things you need to bring. Keep adding to it as you think of things. Then you’ll have a complete list when you’re packing, and you’re less likely to forget anything! Here is a starting point:

– Identification documents (passports)
– Original documents required for your marriage license
– Printed trip itineraries and travel tickets
– Personal medications
– Wedding bands
– Wedding attire (dress, suit, kilt, jumpsuit, etc.)
– Comfortable shoes
– Reusable water bottles

Start packing about a week before you leave, so you can continue to add things over a few days. Get plenty of sleep, and drink lots of water leading up to your elopement so you’re happy and healthy for the big day!

On the morning of your elopement, take a deep breath, and just go with the flow. You’ve made an incredible decision, and you’re about to have the time of your lives.


Glen Etive Elopement | Paula & Stuart. Photo by Meggy Mac Photography.


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header photo of Glen Etive Elopement | Sam & Tanner. Photo by Zoe Alexandra Photography.