by Ella Mai Elopements –  The 6 parts of artful elopement planning (part 3: how to find your suppliers)

13 May 2022

Once you’ve decided where to book your Scottish elopement, it’s time to hand-select the suppliers who are going to help make it happen.

We’re Ella Mai Elopements, and we offer both all-inclusive Elopement Packages and DIY Elopement Planning Resources for couples who boldly choose to elope in Scotland. We want you to make the absolute most of your time and money, without missing out on the best that Scotland’s elopement industry has to offer. We’re here to help you take the stress out of your elopement planning, and add a whole lot of magic and meaning to your special day!

For now, we’re teaming up with The Wedding Collective to lay down the basics for eloping. If you’ve been considering an elopement, or you’ve already started your own elopement planning journey – this series is for you. So let’s get into it!

03. Book all your suppliers early

The exciting part! When it comes to suppliers, it’s quality over quantity. You don’t need a lot of people involved, but if you choose the right people, you’ll have a great team supporting you, helping you create an exceptional elopement. The main suppliers we include in all our packages are: a celebrant, a photographer, a florist, and your beauty team.

Just remember, suppliers are people too. Everyone in the industry works really hard to help make your dreams come true, so please treat them with respect. Even if you choose to go with someone else, just let them know. They will understand, and appreciate your honesty!


Roseisle Beach Elopement | Gemma & Paul. Photo by Emily Black Photography



You can have two types of ceremonies: a religious/belief ceremony, or a civil ceremony. Religious or belief ceremonies are the most common, as they can take place anywhere by someone approved to conduct a ceremony. The most common in Scotland is a Humanist ceremony. A civil ceremony is performed by a Registrar, which can take place in a registration office or anywhere agreed with the registrar (apart from religious premises).

Most elopers choose a Humanist celebrant, but you can also go for a religious, interfaith, or nondenominational celebrant depending on your faith. Make sure you understand all the fees involved when choosing a celebrant – some require a membership fee, or travel fees on top of the ceremony cost. Keep in mind, many travelling/adventure celebrants books’ fill quickly, so we recommend enquiring in advance.

Ask your celebrant about ways to make your ceremony special! We love quiach and handfasting ceremonies, but you can add anything you want to it. The important thing is to spend time getting to know your celebrant, and share your story with them. They will craft a beautiful ceremony for you.


photo by Marijane Soilis


There are loads of elopement photographers in Scotland. Each and every one is truly amazing. They all have different approaches and styles, so you should find someone whose style you LOVE and whose personality clicks with yours. It’s really important that you connect with them, and feel comfortable in front of their camera.

Here are some tips for choosing a photographer:
– Don’t pay attention to followers or likes on Instagram – pay attention to the way they communicate with you, and how their client experience makes you feel. Photographers are more than just hired cameras! They will be a huge part of your elopement experience.
– Prices in the elopement industry vary greatly. Some photographers have more experience than others, some only do it part-time, and some have fewer overheads. Prices don’t necessarily mean one person is better than the other, but it’s important to make sure you’re clear about what range fits your budget.
– Ask about travel fees, especially for more remote locations. Some folks require paid accommodation if your location is far out.
– Some teams do both photo and video coverage, so if you’re looking for videography, it’s worth finding folks who do both! They will be super coordinated on your special day, and you can be sure that it all fits together beautifully.
– Always have a video chat with a photographer before you book, just so you can be sure that you would absolutely love to work with them.


Alladale Wilderness Reserve Elopement | Lisa & Joe. Photo by The Ferros. Florals by Wild Gorse.



Florals are an absolute must for elopements! This is the easiest way to create a luxurious, wild-and-free style without doing much. Even just bouquets or buttonholes go a long way! Many florists offer special elopement packages that include the basics.

Here are some tips for booking your florals:
– Unless you know a lot about flowers, just choose a vibe/colour palette and let your florist do the rest. Florists love inspo images too!
– Find a florist somewhere that is convenient for you to pick up your florals, or ask them about delivery.
– Dry florals are super convenient for shipping ahead of time (they don’t wilt!), and you can save them as a keepsake after your elopement.
– A matching flower crown is such a fun accessory! You don’t have to wear it for your ceremony, but if there’s ever a time for a flower crown, it’s your elopement photo session.


Glen Etive Elopement | Sam & Tanner. Photo by Zoe Alexandra Photography. Beauty styling by Bonny’s Wonderland.



Yes, it’s worth it. Beauty services are included in all our elopement packages, because your elopement day is definitely a day worth feeling beautiful for. Whether it’s a light touch of natural makeup, full glam, a facial, eyebrow tidy, hot shave, or hair styling – you will be so glad you did it.

We also recommend finding a stylist that does call-outs. It is so convenient and fun to have your beauty team take care of you at your accommodation on the morning of your elopement! The day flows really well, and you’ll feel so much more relaxed without having to rush off to an appointment.