from makeup artist Heather Snowie –  How to get natural wedding makeup on your big day

17 May 2022

On your wedding day you want to feel confident and comfortable, and a huge part of that is looking and feeling like the best version of yourself. So, if your day-to-day makeup is pretty au natural, the chances are you’re looking for a natural wedding makeup look too.

And if you’re planning your bridal beauty and want makeup that’s more understated, but still incredibly special, then this article will be going straight into your bookmarks. We chatted to Heather Snowie, a Scotland-based make up artist who specialises in natural wedding makeup, about exactly how you can achieve it for your wedding day:


How can you have a natural wedding makeup look that’s still special?

I always recommend, especially for anyone who doesn’t normally wear much makeup, is to go just a little heavier than you would on your normal day to day. This way you will still feel like yourself but a more polished or a special version of you.

It can also be glammed up a tiny bit by adding a touch of ultra fine glitter to the centre of the lid or as a delicate highlight on the cheeks. Also, treat yourself to a nice lipstick – a colour that you will want to wear again. This way you will have it to touch up with through the day and it will always be a special reminder of your wedding day each time you put it on in future!



What are your top tips for achieving natural makeup with your artist?

Communication is key! If you don’t normally wear makeup or much makeup then be sure to show pictures of makeup looks that you like the look of. Also show pictures of yourself when you have done your own makeup, so that they understand what you are normally comfortable with. I would also recommend having a trial to ensure you are both on the same page and that you are comfortable with the results. If you are not comfortable, speak up and give the artist a chance to get it right. Sometimes there can be a miscommunication, but by speaking up you can hopefully have a successful result in the end – they’ll want that as much as you do!


What are your favourite products at the moment?

After all that has been happening these past 2 years, I don’t think I could live without tubing mascara (MAC Extended Play Lash and L’Oreal Double Extension are the two I currently use most) and setting spray (Urban Decay All Nighter is brilliant). Tubing mascaras don’t smudge at all which is helpful when wearing a steamy mask, and the setting spray really does help keep everything in place, even with wearing a mask! I also am a huge fan of Glossier’s Boy Brow for a softly full finished brow. It gives just enough fill and hold to emphasise the brows, but not so much that they look unnatural.


What skincare tips do you have for before the big day?

A good skincare regime is key regardless of what kind of makeup look you are interested in. Makeup will always wear better and last longer on well prepared skin. This needs to be started months before hand to give the skin time to adjust and improve. If you can, I would suggest treating yourself to a facial and skin analysis to find out what it is your skin needs. A hydration mask the night before the wedding can give an extra boost if you are drier, or maybe a clay mask if oilier, but remember, all treatments need to have been tested out a couple months before to ensure you don’t have a reaction.

[Note: we recommend Face58 if you’re near Ayrshire!]



What are your favourite looks?

I am definitely a less is more kind of gal/artist and love to just enhance the beauty that is naturally there. Skin that looks polished, not painted, eye makeup that enhances eyes not overpowers them… I will always have a soft spot for a classic English Rose look but love the modern twist on it for all skin tones. Think flushed cheeks, berry toned lips, soft eyes and glowing skin.

Check out more of Heather’s work, and how to book her for your natural wedding makeup, here.