London wedding inspiration –  Moments in Monochrome: Luxury Wedding Style at the ICA

28 March 2022

Today’s blog is the ultimate in luxury wedding styling, perfectly blending cutting-edge design with a classic feel.

“The Institute of Contemporary Arts is (rather ironically) housed in a beautiful, old building and it’s this idea of fusing the old with the new that inspired the concept for this shoot.” Helen, the founder of Haus of Helen and creator of the concept, design and planning, explains. “I wanted to create a feeling of nostalgia for a bygone era which is how “Moments in Monochrome” was born. This feeling of nostalgia and yearning for the past (whether it be for decades ago when the world was captured in black and white, or even the recent past – the life we all led before Covid). I think Handcraft Pictures captured this urgency, this “lost in Paris” feel, and gave the story a beautifully cinematic feel that’s simultaneously old world and decidedly modern.”


London is full of beautiful venues, and the ICA is one of the best luxury wedding spaces on offer.  “It has these large, beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over The Mall and Green Park and it’s a perspective of London that very few people ever get a chance to see. With the London Eye teetering in the distance, the view is very distinctly London.”



“It was a really fun day working with an amazing group of suppliers.” Helen remembers. “I wanted to create a simplicity in the set-up, with the focus being on the architecture of the building. The modern furniture with luxe curves provided by Velvet Living was perfect for this. The monochromatic stationery by Bureau Design in its bold simplicity adds a minimal edge to the floral scape by Femme Petale, whilst the bespoke candles by Pepper Loves brings in some playfulness. After the bride & groom have enjoyed a relaxed wedding afternoon at the ICA, I wanted them to get into London and explore the surrounding area, reacquaint themselves with the bustle of central London after the hush of the pandemic – partly on foot and partly in their classic Triumph Spitfire for a little extra “something blue.” Divine Day Photography, as ever, captured this all beautifully.”

Maliha & Marco each wore a number of outfits, ranging from sleek, chic strappy gowns to voluminous, ruffled numbers.



For Helen, this luxury wedding styling wasn’t just for show, either. “At the heart of all this, it was important for me to feature a bridal face that isn’t commonly seen in the editorial wedding world, not for the novelty factor but because brides of colour exist and it’s important that they recognise themselves when looking for wedding inspiration.” she says.

See more of the shoot below, as well as the team who made it happen.