sustainable bridal edit –  P.S. Edit: Sustainable Bridal, Part 2

4 February 2022

Now more than ever, sustainability is a must for bridal fashion. That’s why we asked P.S. Bridal Styling to curate a list of their favourite sustainable bridal brands – you can see Part 2 below. (Check out Part 1 here!)

Sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial and it’s no secret how much damage the fashion industry is doing to the planet.
Bridal designers are taking note, with more and more incorporating sustainably-conscious production methods and fabrics into their collections.

Below are some of our stylist’s favourite sustainable bridal designers and boutiques that combine elegance, sophistication and an environmentally conscious approach to their collections and mentions…


Image Credits: Miller White, shot by Agnes Black

Miller White

Miller White are superb all round, for their elegant designs and for putting sustainability at the forefront of their brand ethos. The brand uses organic cotton, supplied from Wales which is organically farmed. Organically farmed and produced textiles have huge benefits environmentally, minimising both short and long term environmental impacts of the textile production the fashion industry.

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Image credits: The Fall Bride

The Fall (Re)Cycle

Closing the loop on bridal consumption one outfit at a time! The Fall are passionate about bringing a contemporary approach to every aspect of bridal wear, and that includes what happens to your outfit after the big day. If you’re not planning on keeping your wedding look, The Fall will help you sell it on to a new bride with their (Re)Cycle consignment service.

They accept (Re)Cycle submissions from anyone that would like to sell on their contemporary wedding looks and accessories. They automatically accept back anything purchased originally from The Fall at full price, all other submissions are consider on a case-by-case basis.