from Wiskow & White –  A Tuscany Wedding Shoot Combining Rustic and Romantic

16 December 2021

A Tuscany wedding is the stuff of dreams – beautiful sun, delicious food, and a laidback atmosphere. And today, Italian wedding planning specialists Wiskow & White show us three stunning ways that they can make those dreams a reality for you…

“Veronika and James’ original wedding was quick, so they didn’t get to enjoy any of the planning and details or get any proper photos. With that in mind, we created a little elopement for them to properly get dressed up and have a blessing,” Lucy, one half of Wiskow and White, explains.

“So they came away to Italy (where Veronika’s originally from) to celebrate together in a more romantic way. We recommended Pescaia because we think it’s the most authentic Tuscan place we know – the perfect setting, then, for an intimate Tuscany wedding! When you’re there you just feel like you’re undisputedly in Italy. It’s the location, of course, but also the atmosphere they’ve created there. The decor, the food and drink…even the way the buildings are just dripping with jasmine, the loud crickets, all add to the touch.”



To showcase the perfect blend of rustic and romance that a Tuscany wedding provides, Lucy and Danielle organised not one, not two, but three wedding day setups. (And with a venue as stunning as Pescaia, why wouldn’t you?)

“We did two settings that the couple actually used for the meal – one in The Mill, and a green coloured setup outside the front of the villa too. Both of these were inspired by Pescaia itself and its modern combination of natural forms and textures. The Mill was where the flour was originally ground, and we were obsessed with the light that poured through the doors into the room – we wanted to bask in it! To break up the harsh corners of space, we laid the table with soft billowing hyacinths, locally handmade espresso cups as favours, and the shapes of the mis en place. Doing something tonal was new to us but, of course, we loved it!”

“The second setting was pure Pescaia – an informal and welcoming lunch setting.” Lucy continues. “The flowers we used on the table were farmed just a field away by one of the owners! It was meant to feel as organic as possible, with the neutrals and greens representing the local landscape, and then the rich flowers standing out in celebration for something unique and different. These were in beautiful shades of pink, in homage to the bride’s favourite colours. For both, we worked closely with White Vines Studio to create menus to suit each setting.”



Veronika wore a stunning puff-sleeved, open-back wedding dress from The Fall Bride, whilst James looked dapper in a slim-fitting black suit and a bowtie.

But let’s not forget “the evening dress – the silky flowing one, which was actually worn for their dinner.” Lucy explains.  As the sun dipped below the hills and kissed goodbye to the hot summer’s day (it was 33 degrees for most of the photos you see here, not that you’d be able to tell!), “Veronika and James actually stopped and had a drink with us while we shot another table (while we had all the suppliers there, just to try something out!).” This time, the table was set on the lawn in front of the villa, positioned underneath a chandelier and lights strung from the branches of a tree.

Check out the full gallery, captured by The Santoros, below, as well as the list of brilliant suppliers who came together to make this happen. And remember, if you’re planning a Tuscany wedding and want some destination wedding planners to help you create the day you’ve always dreamed of – get in touch with Lucy and Danielle at Wiskow & White!