the revelry events series –  How do I make a wedding tablescape? with Revelry Events

26 August 2021

Thinking of how to style your table can be a very exciting – but overwhelming – part of wedding planning. That’s why today, our resident agony aunts/award-winning wedding planners Revelry Events are answering the question “How do I make a wedding tablescape?”, giving you all the tips you need to create your own wedding table styling for any aesthetic and budget.

“Instagram is awash with beautifully designed and curated wedding tablescapes, but not super forthcoming on how to get that look for your own wedding.” they explain. “It can feel a bit overwhelming to achieve but it’s less scary than you think (for your brain and your budget). Here are the building blocks to make your own tables insta worthy…



The first step to answering the question “How do I make a wedding tablescape?” may be a bit boring, but it’s the practical base you need to build the rest of the tablescape (are you bored of these construction metaphors yet?!).

Starting with the tables, are they long or round? Rustic wood you want to see or trestles that need covering? What about the style of chairs, are they wooden, metallic or another style? And finally, if you don’t like what the venue has to offer, can you change it to suit you?

Think about the layout of the room, it might be suited to a specific format or perhaps you could try a less conventional look and opt for a U shape or have a mix of long and round tables so it’s less uniformed. It all depends on the capacity of the space as to how free flowing you can be.

What’s your dining style? Are you having sharing platters in the middle of the table or a plated dinner? Sharing is great but takes up room on the table so if you’ve got your eye on large heavy centrepieces you might need to rethink into smaller moveable arrangements.


This is where you want to set your colour palette and think about the different textures on the table:

You can bring colour and texture in with the linens or go for a pop of coloured glassware. Plates don’t just have to be white, you could opt for a moody black or vintage floral to name a few. And cutlery is more than just silver, you could go for gold, copper, black, enameled and more.

But of course, deviating from the normal white cloth, white plate and silver cutlery as provided by your caterer comes at a cost, so if you can’t do everything on your wish list just pick one or two items to make the table stand out. It could be a coloured water tumbler, a textured napkin, a striking wine glass or keep it all classic white and splurge on the interior design instead…



Interior design

This is the part where you add your personality and style, everything from flowers to candles to stationery to those little touches that are specifically you. If your venue allows candles you can try different shapes or colours to bring the table to life, and don’t forget the candle holders, it’s these small details that will elevate your table.

Think about a mixture of different heights to add interest, and if in doubt group things in threes, it’s much more appealing to the eye. Two sad little candles standing on their own look misplaced, add a third and suddenly you’ve got an arrangement.

And finally if this all still seems like too much to think about just keep it simple with three colours – your primary colour to cover 60%, a secondary complementary colour to cover 30% and a third accent colour for the final 10% of the table.”

So there you have it! Whether you’re asking “How do I make a wedding tablescape?” because you’re planning a DIY wedding, or you’re looking to start gathering inspiration for your wedding dream team, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Revelry Events are London and Scotland based wedding planners specialising in rulebook-free weddings that don’t fit the normal conventions, push creative boundaries, capture your personalities and, most importantly, show everyone a damn good time. They were also recently awarded the TWIA Best UK Wedding Planner Award 2021, and will be bringing their wisdom to you via their monthly column here. Check out their profile here to get in touch with them!
photos by The Curries, Marianne Chua, Ellie Gillard, Neale James, Captive Photography, Ben Moore