inspired by the science of love –  modern, ethical, sustainable wedding dresses & jumpsuits from Rolling in Roses

8 July 2021

In times gone by, finding a sustainable wedding dress that also delivered in the style stakes could be a real struggle. Enter Rolling in Roses: a York-based bridal studio who are changing the game.

“Our fabrics are gentle to the earth, our dressmaking techniques traditional and refined, our designs are a blend of the classic and the avant-garde,” founder Hayley explains. “We’re so proud to maintain traditional couture techniques, with beauty and comfort being the aim of the game. Plus, we are proud to have no size restrictions on our dresses, so each design is available in any size required.”

This new collection is no different. Inspired by the science behind falling in love, Hayley drew on the shapes and patterns made by the chemical formulae and molecular structure of the ‘love’ hormones, and blended them with traditional, ancient techniques like smocking, beading and embroidery. “These artisanal skills are thousands of years old and found in every culture on earth, which serves as a reminder that people from all corners of the globe and every moment in time are one and the same; we all get that heady adrenaline hit when we fall head over heels in love.”

This focus on science is also reflected in the innovative fabrics found in the collection; describing sustainable wedding dress design as “pretty much an obsession” for them, their collection is made from fabrics that are certified as organic, recycled and ethical. Think ethically made silks, bamboo chartreuse satin, organic cotton embroiders, recycled natural-fibre viscose looks and feels just like silk, and buttery soft crêpe which is made entirely from recycled bottles.

And that’s before we even get on to the delicious features of the actual designs themselves. The Chemistry Collection contains beautiful features such as frilled cuffs, wrapover blouses, and poet, lantern, and flutter sleeves; romantic additions to streamlined silhouettes.

You can check out the collection below, and head over to Rolling in Roses’ profile to book an appointment with them in their gorgeous York showroom.