real wedding –  Andrew & Vincenzo’s Intimate Edinburgh Wedding at Riddle’s Court

22 July 2021

Today’s dose of pure wedding joy comes in the form of a gorgeous, intimate Edinburgh wedding at the historic Riddle’s Court, courtesy of exceptionally talented photographer Harper Scott and newlyweds Andrew and Vincenzo.

Andrew and Vincenzo consciously chose not to have a theme, or “anything contrived”. Instead, they say that they “wanted a relaxed, effortless feeling with the focus fully on our guests and on the occasion”, which we think definitely comes across in the gallery!

The couple got ready together before heading out for some pre-ceremony portraits with their photographer, Carole-Ann. “Carole-Ann has done such a good job with the photography that we feel she has captured the absolute essence of the day; the laughter, the tears, the warmth, the beauty – all of it.” the couple explain. From regal but relaxed portraits on the armchair to more experimental (but no less exceptional) shots playing with the Scottish sun in July, they’re beautiful, emotive, and cinematic.

Andrew and Vincenzo’s day took place at Riddle’s Court, one of our favourite ever Edinburgh wedding venues. It’s an historic venue in the heart of the Old Town, and the perfect setting for celebrations that deserve romance and a touch of grandeur. The grooms greeted their guests in the intimate courtyard, which acts as a charming, peaceful oasis despite being just metres away from the busy city streets, before guests were asked to take their seats in the gold-walled, painted-ceiling-ed Geddes Room so that the ceremony could begin. Capella String Quartet played them and their families in.

“It’s almost impossible to choose, but if you’re twisting our arm, we’d say [our favourite part of the day was] the ceremony. There was so much warmth, affection, emotion and laughter in the room!” The newlyweds explain. And when we asked them for their advice for other couples currently planning, they stressed the importance of a celebrant-led wedding. “We deliberated about what kind of celebrant to choose, and at first planned to use the local council’s service. However, after some thought and research, we chose to use a private celebrant, and it was absolutely the best decision we made.

“We chose Linda Keys from Agnostic Scotland, an organisation which allows you to have whatever you want in your ceremony; it can be totally secular, but you can also incorporate religious elements too if that’s your thing. Not only did Linda deliver an incredible and deeply personal ceremony (with our guests remarking that she seemed more like a good friend than an official), but the process of meeting with her and planning the ceremony over around 18 months really helped us to keep our eyes fixed on what was important about the day.”

One of our favourite things about Riddle’s Court is the courtyard, because it’s such a great space for the in-between moments. Case in point: after the ceremony, Andrew and Vincenzo waved down at their guests from one of the windows, having a romantic Romeo & Juliet moment (just with lots less tragedy!), going down to celebrate with them – and get showered in confetti – soon after. Then, it was into the Library Room for the reception and the delicious Hickory dinner, which they ate at 2 long trestles tables laid out and adorned with greenery, as well as tall vases featuring stunning white lilies.

Thank you so much to Andrew and Vincenzo for giving us the honour of sharing your Edinburgh wedding day – it’s an absolute beauty!