modern london bridal –  London Bridal Trunk Shows At The Fall Bride 2021

20 April 2021

If you’re starting to think about outfit shopping and looking for a modern, elevated wedding style in a stress-free environment, then London bridal boutique The Fall Bride is an absolute must. Alongside their permanent collection of bridal designers to die for, The Fall Bride are further cementing their spot as number 1 with a boatload of upcoming trunk shows, expertly curated to bring exclusive goodness to the city.

Trunk shows are exclusive events where, for a limited time only, a designer will bring an extensive collection to a venue that usually doesn’t carry it. It may be their whole collection which isn’t usually available outside of their atelier, or it may be a curation of their work that’s being viewed for the first time somewhere new. They’re so called from the idea that originally, they’d be showing them from a suitcase – but nowadays, they’re slightly more slick affairs, as evidenced by the delectable calendar of upcoming events at The Fall Bride.

We asked The Fall Bride’s founder Annelise to walk us through the trunk shows you’ll be able to find there from April through to July; and remember, if you see a designer you’ve been drooling over on the gram, act fast and book your spot – there’s only a limited number for each exclusive trunk show!

Scroll down for the lowdown on the events, and then book your appointment here.


Harriette Gordon – 22nd to 28th April

We’re big fans of Harriette Gordon at The Wedding Collective – you may recognise her as the designer we feature on the cover of our 2021 Annual (worn by real bride Katya and shot by Chloe May). She designs thoughtful, romantic, refined bridal pieces that are perfect for the style-led bride – and we’re so excited that The Fall Bride are bringing her Antipodean cool to the London bridal scene.

Annelise says: “Harriette has really excelled herself with her new collection Sonnet XVII and mini collection Grace – she has such a unique approach to bridal and combines traditional corseting techniques with unexpected shapes and fabrics. The 2.2 Organza Mini is a huge hit and a viral sensation.”

Available: 22nd – 28th April

Book: A Harriette Gordon trunk show appointment


Jessica Bennett – until 5th May

This extended pop up is the first time this curated collection from Jessica Bennett has been available to view in a London bridal boutique – in fact, it’s the first destination outside of Jessica’s Liverpool atelier, where each order is handmade from the finest fabrics.

Annelise says: “I love her fun mini dresses with layering options like overskirts and sheer tops, and of course her incredible Bridal Suit!”

Price range: £1,100 – £3,900

Available until: 5th May

Book: any appointment before then


Lola Varma My Paradise – 30th April to 2nd May

Lola Varma is bridal for the unconventional bride: a perfect blend of high fashion and everyday apparel that celebrates minimal elegance.

Annelise says: “Courtney at Lola Varma never fails to surprise me with her clever approach to creating relaxed bridal wear, I absolutely love her use of fabrics (for her last collection she used deadstock fabric from luxury fashion houses) and I’ve got my eye on the textured suit and dress three-piece.”

Price Range: £2,500 – £2,800

Available: 3oth April to 2nd May

Book: A Lola Varma Trunk Show Appointment


& For Love – 15th to 23rd May

You’ll probably know & For Love for their puff sleeves, billowing skirts and love of modern femininity – and their new collection doesn’t disappoint. It’s the perfect intersection of minimal, relaxed and elegant.

Annelise says: “The Summer Garden collection is pure romance! & For Love is for the puff-sleeve-lover and the fashion-forward bride.”

Price Range: £1,500 – £2,900

Available: 15th – 23rd May

Book: An & For Love Trunk Show Appointment


Cortana – 24th to the 31st May


Spanish brand Cortana have an effortless, romantic, bohemian style that feels like pure sunshine.

Annelise says: “Cortana combine beautiful draping with absolutely gorgeous fabrics, and they also won the Elle Award for Sustainability in the Bridal category which is something that we care deeply about at The Fall.”

Price range: £2,200 – £3,000

Available: 24th – 31st May

Book: A Cortana appointment


The Law – 4th to 27th June

The Law is an exciting new face on the bridal scene, so it’s only right that we found them via The Fall Bride!

Annelise says: “I love the architectural feel and play of solid-vs-sheer fabrics that creates depth and intrigue with The Law’s pieces.”

Available: 4th – 27th June

Book: Any appointment between 4th and 27th June


Cinq – 1st to 11th July

Not only is this Cinq’s only London bridal trunk show, but it’s a UK exclusive! Cinq is where everything has come together in perfect harmony: Texan roots and California living, Catholic upbringing and contemporary fashion, progressive nostalgia, vintage silhouettes and modern details.

Annelise says: “A super ethereal and feminine-but-with-an-edge debut collection from LA-based designer Macye Wysner, who has created Cinq as a marriage of her Texas roots and California lifestyle.”

Available: 1st – 11th July

Book: Any appointment between 1st and 11th July


Clover London – 12th to 18th July

Clover London’s entire collection is aspirational, aesthetic and affordable too – yep, you read that right, all priced at £1,000. Expertly made bridalwear in a effortless style, all handmade to order in 100% delicious silk.

Annelise says: “Clover’s debut collection comprises simple yet beautiful designs and all at an affordable pricepoint.”

Price range: £1,000

Available: 12th – 18th July

Book: Any appointment between 12th to 18th July

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