ikebana wedding inspiration –  Ikebana wedding flowers from Tupelo Tree

6 April 2021

Ever wondered what ikebana wedding flowers could look like? Simple, elegant, intentional but impactful – Tupelo Tree shows us how.

Natasha had always admired the art of ikebana, so she decided to use it as inspiration for a creative shoot – and the result was these stunning ikebana wedding flower arrangements. “Ikebana is a Japanese floral art which goes way back.” Natasha explains. “Its elegance and purposeful placement of textures, shapes and colours has fascinated me for a long time, so I wanted to give it a go. Each piece is placed specifically and with intention, instead of being a part of a whole design – as simple as it sounds, it was actually quite difficult to be so minimal!”

We love how arresting these ikebana wedding flower arrangements are, providing us with the perfect springtime inspiration: a celebration of space, light, and simplicity, showing that sometimes, less can be more – and to not be afraid of taking a few elements and showing them off.

“The designs I’m used to are filled with so much colour, texture and depth (you can check out some of Natasha’s gorgeous work here) whereas this style is the total opposite, so it was a change for me to have fun with. We shot this during lockdown as a distanced shoot, on a gorgeously sunny day. We used a friend’s big garden and some lovely linen fabric from a local shop on a washing line, and the most incredible hand-carved wooden bowls from Object Company (who I’ve followed and admired for far too many years!). Shot by a photographer I’ve wanted to work with for a while, it was just a perfect shoot.”

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