real wedding –  Colourful Bohemian Garden Wedding UK Inspiration from Gloam

22 April 2021

If you’ve been dreaming of a laidback wedding, feverishly googling “back garden wedding UK” and desperately wondering how to make it happen – this blog is your answer (bold statement, but we’re sticking with it!)

Today’s feature is from queens of the Scottish wedding styling scene and lovers of a romantic event Gloam, and we love everything about it. Colour? Tick. Texture? Tick. Tassels? Tick. It’s a perfect example of how Plan B doesn’t always have to be second-rate, of how sometimes, we have everything we need right on our doorstep, and a masterclass in dreamy bohemian wedding styling to boot.

Elizabeth and Joe’s original wedding plan was a big barn wedding, and they’d worked with the team at Gloam on their styling plan with this venue in mind. Once it became obvious that this wasn’t going to be possible, the Gloam ladies set to work adapting their plans, working out how they could take the vibe from barn to back garden wedding instead.

They were working with delicious colour palette of fresh hues such as blush pink, mint green and teal combined with richer, warmer marigold and rust tones, as well as a focus organic textures, such as linens, lace, and wicker. Though originally designed with blank barn walls in mind, with a few minor logistical adjustments they were perfectly suited to a verdant back garden wedding! All of these carefully chosen elements worked together in sweet, sweet harmony to create a magical environment that blended the outside and the inside world seamlessly: when you entered the garden, it simultaneously felt special and effortless, like a lot of care had been taken to make it just right, at the same time as a feeling that it had always been there!

Guests were greeted by a mint green sign, welcoming them into the ceremony area furnished with mismatched pastel-coloured chairs from Virginia’s Vintage Hire and bountiful colour pop flowers by Adelaide’s Secret Garden (a very accurate name, come to think of it!) Throughout the space you could find pastel coloured signs informing guests of details of the day as well as gin bottles filled with flowers in various corners. These details carried through to the reception, a trestle table set up in a long, narrow marquee, which sat beneath a canopy of multicoloured tassels, making the space feel cosy and intimate in a time when the feeling of closeness was sorely lacking! Along the table they placed candlesticks of various heights, mismatched bud vases, tealights and orange halves, to continue the winning combination of zest and warmth.

We love everything about this gorgeous wedding, and think it’s the ultimate back garden wedding UK inspiration – check out the suppliers who made it possible below!