The Revelry Events Series –  8 micro-wedding ideas for non-traditional couples

18 March 2021

We’ve all heard the word a million times by now – but what actually is a micro wedding? How can you have one? What do you do at one? Revelry Events have got 8 brilliant micro wedding ideas for you.

If you don’t know what a micro wedding is – where have you been? Probably watching Married At First Sight Australia instead (just when we thought the Davina, Dean, Tracey saga couldn’t be topped, along come Ines, Sam, Jess and Dan, but we digress…). Back to the question at hand: what’s a micro-wedding we hear you cry? Well, a micro-wedding is for 30 people or less and as Boris decreed, it’s the only wedding you’re having between now and 21st June (in England). Of course, Boris isn’t the trend setter he thinks he is: you might crave the intimacy of a small wedding and the opportunity to do your day a little differently anyway, making a micro-wedding the perfect option for you, pandemic or no pandemic.

The typical format for the average wedding of 150 of your nearest-and-dearest-and-then-some doesn’t always work very well when you bring that headcount down. It’s hard to fill a dance floor when you’ve only got 30 people throwing shapes! So if you’re keen to keep it small but you’re not sure what a micro-wedding day might look like, well sit back and relax my friend, because we’ve got some bonafide wedding planner ideas to fling your way.

Big fat caveat: not all of these ideas are pre-June 21st Government sanctioned!


Morning ceremony, Bucks Fizz, Bloody Marys and brunch

Show us a person who doesn’t like brunch and we’ll show you a liar. Brunch is the king of meals, so whether it’s a lip smacking English breakfast, a pile of perfect pancakes or delicious duck hash, brunch can be casual and down to earth or fancy as hell. Who says weddings have to finish at midnight?


Quintessentially English afternoon tea

We could say the same thing about afternoon tea as we did about brunch – the scones, the sandwiches, the itty, bitty cakes – dress em up, dress em down, it’s going to taste good and match your style either way. A much more civilised affair then keeping the party going until nightfall.

photos by The Curries

Cocktails and karaoke

But not everyone wants to be civilised. When you’re only catering for 30 people you can get away without a sit down dinner and instead focus on nibbles (or perhaps more substantial bowl food to line the stomach) and spend your cash on the booze instead. Cocktail making workshops are great for smaller numbers and once you’re all suitably lubricated you can give your vocal chords a workout with some karaoke.


Murder on the Orient Express

We’re not suggesting bumping anyone off at the ceremony but if you’ve got a cast of characters coming to your wedding who would love to in fact be a cast of characters in an Agatha Christie novel, then an interactive wedding inspired murder mystery will set your micro-wedding apart from two hour long speeches and kids sliding across the dance floor on their knees.


Seeing all the sights

A smaller group means you can set the wedding within an activity or locate it at a special spot. Dining river cruises or Champagne bus tours provide an ever changing backdrop to your day. Hire sought after private dining spaces in famous landmarks, top restaurants or off the beaten track locations that you’d never be able to afford or transport big numbers to.


Wedding Olympics

Yes, you heard us right, we did say wedding Olympics. Why? Because we organised one for a couple and it was bloody amazing. If your guests are the up for anything type then a pre-ceremony wedding olympics gets the day going with a bang, it’s a great ice breaker if some of your guests don’t know each other.

photos by Lyndsey Goddard and Steve Bridgwood

There’s no business like show business

If being active isn’t your thing then an evening ceremony followed by dinner and a cabaret show means you can sit back, enjoy the food, enjoy the wine and be entertained without having to make awkward small talk with the person next to you.


One big fat holiday

If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate. Just one day out of life, it would be, it would be so nice. Yes, damn right we have just quoted Madonna at you but isn’t it apt, especially right now? Ok, ok so we know this has to wait until summer but you can start planning now – get cosy in the Cotswolds, book a villa by the sea, take over a Scottish highlands hotel – and turn your wedding into the holiday everyone has been wanting for the past year. Win, win.


When it comes to a micro-wedding, think about how you want to spend your time and build your day around that. Keep things short, with less people you need less time and don’t feel you have to follow the rules.T he beauty of a small wedding is being able to chop and change what you like and don’t like about the traditional wedding day format – and as ambassadors of rulebook-free weddings, we’re here for it!

Revelry Events are London and Scotland based wedding planners specialising in rulebook-free weddings that don’t fit the normal conventions, push creative boundaries, capture your personalities and, most importantly, show everyone a damn good time. They were also recently awarded the TWIA Best UK Wedding Planner Award 2021, and will be bringing their wisdom to you via their monthly column here. Check out their profile here to get in touch with them!