real wedding –  stylish Hackney Town Hall wedding

4 February 2021

Today we’ve got an absolute treat for you in the form of this gorgeous Hackney Town Hall wedding of Sian & Tristan.

These lovers got married last February in a stylish East London ceremony featuring major floral inspo, outfits to die for and some rather cute dogs too. Here to tell us more about their Hackney Town Hall wedding is the bride herself, Sian!

“I’d never imagined a big wedding, yet, we’re firm believers that water can be just as thick as blood so we ended up with a bigger ‘do than planned! We chose February to punctuate a month with some tough anniversaries for our families with some joy.


We wanted everything to feel definitively ‘us’, so merely finding a random venue didn’t feel like something which would set a tone for a day we’d love. We decided upon east London as it’s here where we’ve built our life together and we wanted everything to be as convenient and economical for our guests as possible. We took one look at the art deco lighting at our venue and were sold on a Hackney Town Hall wedding! We love that we pass by the venue on a regular basis and have little bubbles of memories emerge for us to pocket on an ordinary weekday.

We didn’t want anything too grand or stark for the reception, so after seeing the arches at London Fields Brewery we left excitable, giddy in the knowledge that we’d found the true party venue we’d hoped for. They’d also let us bring our beloved dogs; a non-negotiable requirement for our day!


We loved The Curries’ natural style, and felt instantly comfortable with Gill and Chris. As someone who hates having her photo taken, they made themselves invisible so I never felt on the spot. Gill seemed to have a sixth sense that I was feeling a bit over-faced whilst getting ready – so took me to less glamorous space for some relaxed photos just the two of us! We’re absolutely delighted with their output.


Our florist, Shelena at Bloaum Studio was incredible – she worked with me to make every last penny count by creating ‘meadow’ installations at the top of the aisle, which she then be moved to the brewery for full impact! I’m so glad I kept the brief pretty open as her creations were just beautiful – I love having vases of dried mementoes all over the house now too.

Fashion and Beauty

Our lovely hairstylist Nicola Beddoes was a dream to have around on the morning of the day, and gave me and my bridesmaids all of us our own version of modern, unfussy styles.

I’d originally just given my bridesmaids a budget to find whatever outfit they wanted, but they rebelled and forced me for a collective direction! So, a muted palette of burgundy and dampened pinks from the high street ended up expanding into the décor too.

I’m a lover of chintz, so I never set out to have a long white wedding dress – my sights were set on a pink pantsuit! But, when I saw the simplicity of Pippa’s BonBride designs, I knew I could pare everything right back and still feel just like me (but hopefully a bit more polished than my usual t-shirt and trainers!) My Mum is an absolute whizz with a sewing machine, so knocked up a cape for me, and a matching version for our (overindulged) whippet to stay cosy in too.

Tristan was adamant to have something he could wear (and party in) again and so a soft wool, navy three piece suit with black Grenson boots meant the man awaiting me at the top of the aisle was comfortingly familiar, rather than a stiff bloke in formal regalia!

Family-owned A. R. Ullmann had an amazing stock of beautifully patinated, reassuringly heavy wedding bands for Tristan to pick from and detail-obsessive Clarice Price Thomas made mine in perfect keeping with my art deco engagement ring.

The best-day-of-our-life transpired in a way we’d not considered. The excitement and intensity were threaded together by glorious moments of calm as we watched all our favourite people having a blast too! Our advice to couples planning would be to take a red pen to any traditions that you don’t care about – and make some new ones for yourself – our wedding cake piñata being a prime example!


The brewery worked closely with chef Jimmy Garcia, so after checking out their Instagram full of sharing roasts, we knew it would be a hearty fit and they absolutely delivered.


I’d found Truly Medley Deeply for my sister’s wedding a few years ago, and we didn’t even consider anyone else for ours. The nicest blokes with an ability to get everyone dancing, whatever their preferred genre.

Thanks so much Sian for giving us all an insight on this gorgeous Hackney Town Hall wedding! You can find the suppliers below…