venue-vetting tips from Dunskey Estate –  16 Questions to Ask When Comparing Wedding Venues

25 February 2021

Today’s blog is from the legends over at Dunskey Estate – one of Scotland’s best wedding venues, with an Edwardian castle, luxurious lodges and glorious rolling greens on its grounds. Finding your wedding venue is such an important part of the planning process, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming: Anne and the Dunskey team have got a failsafe process to work out which one is you when comparing venues. Over to you, Anne!

“As well as the all important elements of budget and aesthetics, we think it’s really important for couples to make sure their values are reflected in the way the venue and the team conducts itself.” Anne explains. “This will ensure you’ll be totally comfortable on the day itself, knowing that you’re in the right hands. And how do you find this out? All it takes is asking four questions on four themes – it’s really that simple. For the most unconventional (but secret-sauce) pro-tips, have a L.O.O.K…

L.O.O.K stands for Love / Original / Organic / Kindness, and it covers everything you’ll need when looking for and possibly comparing wedding venues. Let’s dive in, shall we?



Don’t roll your eyes, but love is everything.

1. How does the team behind the venue demonstrate they love what they do?
2. Can you see that they love the environment, their team members, and the property?
3. Is their passion communicated with ardor and sincerity to all their guests?
4. Most significantly, check their online presence and ask the all-important question: do their guests love them?



We get it, each venue is a special snowflake, but consider this:

5. How does the place you are eying up truly stand apart? Is this glowing aspect at the top of your priority?
6. Originality can include professionalism. Does everything you see from the team exude competence and unusual intelligence, style, and humour?
7. A particular space can be beautiful, but remember, you’ll likely be working with this team for quite a few months. Professionalism and compassion will go a long way in your working relationship.
8. IMPORTANT: No venue can be original in all aspects, but do these guys constantly try really hard to achieve that goal?



Not just the ingredients on your menus, but a place for your personality.

9. Are there gorgeous flexibility and wonders in this place that will foster your grand vision?
10. What opportunities do you have to work with the settings to create dynamic, intimate, and effortless gatherings?
11. How do the folks who work at the venue embrace fantastic challenges, and are they exhilarated by bespoke experiences?
12. CRITICAL: How have they done due diligence on YOU? Do they speak right away of their process to learn of your preferences and constraints? A trustworthy and worthwhile venue won’t just accept every enquiry that rolls through the door.



Stop the press, you say: this is venue-vetting, not a marriage proposal.

13. Can you tell in your due diligence the values and ethics of the venue’s team?
14. Take time to read through the venue’s engagement with its audience. Is there a sincere warmth and generosity?
15. Do they have a standout commitment to their couples?
16. Finally, does your gut tell you that these are decent people who truly care and will, above all, be kind to all that they meet and work with?”

So there we have it – 16 questions to ask yourself when looking at and comparing wedding venues, to help you choose the one that reflects you the most. Thanks so much to the Dunskey team for sharing their wisdom -to get in touch with Dunskey and arrange a viewing, head to their profile here!