real wedding –  Vibrant, Joyful, Music-Loving Glasgow Wedding

27 December 2020

Sometimes you see photos that you can really, truly feel in every bone of your body, and that’s how we feel looking at Uno and Dade’s gorgeous wedding photos and the energy they’re exuding.

Both Uno and Dade are incredible musicians, so the day was always going to be energetic. Having kicked proceedings off with a traditional Nigerian wedding earlier in the year, by the time this celebration came around they were so ready to throw an unforgettable party. And of course, wedding planning extraordinaire Cat from Fin Flükra was on hand to help make the magic happen!

Uno and Dade had a guest list comprising people travelling from Africa, Scotland, and around the world to the iconic Grand Central Hotel. As they’re both musicians, music played an exceptionally important part in the day – Cat calls it ‘the not-so-silent third person’ in their relationship – and so they performed a joyous rendition of Jesus Loves Me during their ceremony, alongside their church. The wonderful Fauna Strings provided musical accompaniment on the day, as well as the couple performing themselves, before handing over the baton to Nick Bruce and His Blinding Lights and The Get Down to kick things up another notch.

Uno dazzled in an embellished off-the-shoulder dress whilst Dade wore a navy tartan, and his groomsmen followed suit (geddit?) with orange ties and buttonholes. This colour scheme also carried through into their photos – when they stepped outside with their photographer Euan and videographer Tom, they let off vibrant pink and orange smokebombs, bringing some much-needed colour to a grey, miserable Glaswegian evening. And now, they’re bringing that much needed colour and energy to the blog, so thank you so much Uno, Dade and Cat!