find your perfect wedding photographer –  top uk wedding photographers for 2022: modern, creative wedding photography

29 December 2020

There’s lots to think of when you’re planning your wedding, but in our humble opinion finding your dream wedding photographer is right up there (second to ‘having an excellent day’, which is numero uno.)

You’ve pulled together all these amazing details, so you need someone to capture it all for you. And as they’re memories you’ll want to treasure forever, both in your heart and on your hearth, you need someone who’s style you feel perfectly matches yours. Whether you’re looking for colourful captures or cooler-toned creamy edits, ethereal or more editorial shots, we’ve pulled together the créme de la créme of top UK wedding photographers to help you make your decision. See them in all of their glory below:


Agnes Black

We’re kicking off our list of Top UK Wedding Photographers with Agnes Black – if you’re looking for wedding photographs with editorial attitude and infused with soul and bohemian spirit, then she’s your gal. She seeks out beautiful soft light and uses it for her gorgeous candid portraiture, resulting in effortlessly cool wedding photography. She’s based in the North West, but travels country- and world-wide.


Alex ⋒ Madi

Alex and Madi bring a feeling of West Coast soul to every thing they shoot: love and warmth radiate from every frame. Specialising in intimate weddings and elopements, they perfectly showcase the adventure of marriage.


Amy Faith Photography

Amy Faith‘s work is full of unapologetic attitude; and we love her for it. You immediately feel like you know the people in her pictures, because she’s so brilliant at capturing their personality in all of their authentic glory.



Benjamin Wheeler

Ben is the king of fine art wedding photography, without the fuss but with all the fun. Before he turned his hand to wedding photography full-time, he worked for Net-a-Porter, so you know you’re safe with his creative eye! With a portfolio of deliciously styled weddings across the globe, you’re guaranteed a suite of stunning images whether you’re in the Lake District or Lake Como.



Caro Weiss

Contemporary, creative wedding photography is the game, and Caro Weiss is the name. On the day, Caro is a simultaneously energetic and calming presence; and after the day: well, the photos speak for themselves. Her work is reportage wedding photography at its finest, taking you straight back to the day and all of the gorgeous, warm memories you want to cherish forever.


Claire Fleck

Claire Fleck has an airy, artful, relaxed style we can’t help but adore. She focuses on the emotions, capturing them authentically and framing them perfectly whether they’re immense or intimate moments. Her shots capture adventures, wild heart, and history being made – and, she’s bloomin’ lovely too.


Colin Ross

Colin isn’t so much a man about town as a man about the world. Having photographed weddings in Singapore, Morocco, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Cyprus, Italy, Australia and a few states in the USA – as well as a fair few belters in the UK, of course – he’s carved his mark as one of the best modern wedding photographers. No matter how breathtaking the scenery behind you, Colin always makes you the focus – he’s a good egg like that.


The Curries

If you want lovely, laidback, effortlessly cool wedding photography, The Curries are your dream team. Chris and Gill specialise in documenting creative couples, and are both design-led and heart-led in their wedding photography. This means they capture all the details of the modern, directional weddings you’ve lovingly curated, but also the absolute boundless joy of those experiencing it. Chances are they’ll be having a whale of a time too – they love good food, good music and good drinks, and what’s a good wedding without one of those?

Emilie White Photography

No list of Top UK Wedding Photographers would be complete without Emilie White – if Vogue did wedding photographers, would be it. Her images are composed cinematically, but 100% real in the emotions they capture. She embraces movement and moments in her work, capturing in turn total magic. We’re slightly obsessed with her, truth be told, and if you check her work out we think you will be too.


Emma Kenny

Emma’s style is the perfect intersection of editorial and emotional. Not only will you get a gallery full of stunning images to forever immortalise your wedding day, but you’ll also gain a lifelong cheerleader and pal in Emma. She’s a firm believer in the fact that people are worth celebrating, and she’s a pro at celebrating you in style.


Gione da Silva

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who’s passion for beautiful moments shines through every shot, Gione is your guy. He and his wife Hannah are both musicians, meaning that his style of photography is deliciously artistic and exceptionally moving. They’ve got a special knack of helping you just melt into the moment, and then capturing it in all of its meaningful glory.


Harper Scott

Carole-Ann Harper-Scott self-proclaimedly describes her life as a thorough mix of Fyre Festival and Marie Kondo, which exactly explains the level of energy she’ll bring to your day. However, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand the momentous occasion she’s dealing with: she really cares about the stuff and the people that matter to you, and capturing the moments they’re in, whether they’re full-on or fleeting. If you’re looking for a creative, alternative UK wedding photographer, look no further.


Igor Demba

Igor Demba is internationally sought after, and we can totally see why. His honest, open and authentic style of shooting, combined with a killer eye for symmetry, light and framing, leaves you with a gallery full of perfect images. And when we say perfect, we don’t mean posed within an inch of their life; we mean gorgeously immortalised memories of a perfect time.


The Kitcheners

The Kitcheners are firmly placed in our list of Top UK Wedding Photographers with their dreamy wedding photography, which is out of this world in terms of both talent and style. Specialising in elopements and emotions, they hold time still with their shots that are so full of feeling. Their eye for an incredible backdrop is something to behold, too!


Lisa Jane

Where do we begin with Lisa Jane? Lisa is the woman you want – no, NEED – on your team on your wedding day. Her photography style is definite and distinct, with its inimitable angles and bold use of light; and fittingly, Lisa Jane is one-of-a-kind too. She’s not only your photographer, but your cheerleader on the day, your confidante in the run up, and your champion afterwards. She’s 100% invested in your love story and portraying the raw and glorious emotion that is your wedding day.


Mark Pacura

Mark Pacura is a Scottish wedding photographer who’s all about the Moments, the ones with a capital M. His shots have 3 hallmarks: 1. stunning scenery (even in a location or venue you think isn’t mind-blowingly gorgeous, Mark is a magpie for the jawdropping backdrops) 2. warm, golden tones and 3. beautiful framing.


McGlynn Sisters

Who can capture family love better than family? Lauren and Katy are a sister-in-law duo specialising in relaxed, joyful wedding photography. With a fine art training and a fine eye for detail, they capture colourful, epic parties, with zest and zeal oozing from every shot.



If you’re having a creative wedding, you want a creative UK Wedding photographer – and Mirrorbox are exactly that. Inspired by loads of different things (and not limited to photography), Sam & Sequoia in turn use this to influence their photography style, resulting in a gallery full of beautifully fun, artistic images that reflect you as a couple.


Nigel John

Nigel John is a master of style and light, and basically what else do you need in a wedding photographer? Like a magpie at a cocktail party, he’s drawn to pockets of light and picture-perfect frames to capture all of the best moments. All of this while never interrupting the party – often, he joins in. His background in lifestyle and branding photographer ensures slick, styled but sentimental wedding photography, and we love everything he produces.


Nikki Leadbetter

Until you see Nikki Leadbetter‘s work, it’s hard to grasp how something as still as a photograph can be so moving; then you see hers, and it all makes total sense. Soft light, creamy colours and all the feelings jump out from her work to make her one of the most emotive, talented photographers we’ve ever ever seen. She’s a cinematic dream.


Rebecca Searle Photography

Rebecca nails cinematic, emotive perfection in every one of her artistically-lit, expertly-captured frames. Her photos blend contemporary vision with an elegant focus that will give you treasured, heartfelt heirlooms that last a lifetime.


Sam Docker

Sam is a bundle of joy, and his photos reflect that. Sunshine seems to follow him wherever he goes, and even when it doesn’t, he makes it seem like it does! Though he specialises in warm, jubilant photography, don’t be fooled into thinking Samuel is all about the cheesy grins and fake laughter. In reality, he’s all about the real moments, the raw emotion, the fleeting touches and miniscule moments that build to make something rather major.


Seán Bell

It’s not an exaggeration to say that looking at Seán Bell‘s work gives us shivers, in a very good way. His style is almost ethereal, like he’s acutally able to capture the emotions and get them physically on the photo too. He’s also effortlessly cool, a modern wedding photographer with inimitable cinematic style.


Solen Photography

When someone describes themselves as a ‘sentimental camera creep’, you know you’re in for a good time, don’t you? Solen are an all-female team of creative UK wedding photographers delivering all the natural, colourful reportage photos that will immortalise your wedding day forever more. She may be a creep, she may even be a weirdo, but she’s definitely an exceptionally talented photographic tour de force for your wedding day.


The Springles

Kat and Ash are a husband and wife photography duo whose natural light images are laidback and love-filled. They describe themselves as “full of wonder” on wedding days, which we adore, and you can see that in their portfolio of wondrous images that really capture the artistic best of authentic romance.




Through The Woods We Ran

We’re not quite sure whether Lauren and Glenn from Through The Woods We Ran deserve to be famous or infamous, but we adore them all the same. ‘Epic’ is a term that’s been bastardised a lot, but they truly deliver epic portraiture with unflinchingly and unapologetically bold style. They’re the king and queen of genuinely candid portraiture, but you can rest assured that alongside said portraits which make you look like rockstars, they’ll capture everything you could possibly want to remember from the day, including dogs and your bridesmaids falling over.


Wayne La Photography

Ostensibly this is a list of the top UK wedding photographers, but Wayne would place on a list of the top UK storytellers too. His photos capture so much emotion, character and clarity, all framed with the eye of a true artist.



Wonderful & Strange

Wonderful & Strange not only do what they say on the tin, but so much more besides. A relaxed and unobtrusive approach means you will never feel stressed under their watchful eye; and their watchful eye means you’ll get stunning wedding shots that show every tiny moment you never even knew existed, but are so glad you didn’t miss. Couple their creative, design-led focus with their adoration of celebrating love in all of its joy, and you get something very, very special indeed.


Zach & Grace

Last but certainly not least on our list of top UK wedding photographers is Zach&Grace. Their background in the fashion industry – where they’ve photographed fashion week for the likes of Cecilie Bahnsen, amongst many others – is evident in their carefully composed but deliciously dynamic frames, never missing a moment.