kitsch, colourful wedding cake perfection –  the glasgow wedding cakes that will blow your mind

7 September 2020

They say pictures speak a thousand words – and in the case of Moonrise Bakery, that is 100% verifiably true. (And even if we needed to say words, we probably wouldn’t be able to scoop our jaws off the floor to do so.) That’s because Moonrise Bakery is the kitsch, colourful Glasgow wedding cake maker of our DREAMS!

We are so obsessed with her cake designs, and so are thrilled to welcome Unity, the baker extraordinaire of Moonrise Bakery, to our directory of modern, design-led wedding suppliers – we thiiiink you’ll agree she ticks every box. Her brilliant designs draw inspiration from retro food styling, wildflowers, bright colours, and kitsch paraphenalia, resulting in bold and fantastical cakes that come to life.

And if you’re wondering whether they taste as good as they look – yes, yes they do. Their playful aesthetics are matched with playful insides, with flavours like matcha and cherry, lavender and cacao, and lemon curd with marigold petals, all finished with fluffy organic buttercream (we’ve heard on the grapevine that the rose petal buttercream is not to be missed, but our plan is basically to work our way through every flavour to confirm that for ourselves – it’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it, hey?)

PLUS, if you need a vegan, gluten free or refined sugar free wedding cake that doesn’t compromise on style – they can all be made with these in mind too. (Winner winner, dietary-requirement friendly dinner.) For finishing touches, you can have your cake finished with dried, fresh and/or edible flowers, handmade paper collage, or Moonrise Bakery’s signature organic white chocolate floral bark.

You can order yours via Moonrise Bakery’s profile here, and in the meantime, just stare at them and drool over on instagram here