microwedding advice from Gloam –  8 reasons we love microweddings, with Gloam

15 September 2020

If we worked for the dictionary (which we don’t, coincidentally) we’d wager that ‘microwedding’ is going to be the Word Of The Year. Whilst elopements and microweddings have always been an option, they’ve become much more popular in recent months because of – well, all this *gestures wildly*. If you’re thinking of having one but dunno where to begin, we asked Scottish wedding designers Gloam to give us the microwedding lowdown.

You might think that as wedding designers and stylists, they wouldn’t be a fan of smaller celebrations, but in actual fact – they love them just as much. Here’s 8 reasons that Gloam love microweddings, and why you can too:

“We’re passionate about helping couples focus on them when it comes to designing and styling their wedding, and that’s why we’re a bit daft for intimate celebrations. A lot of the faff goes right out the window, and you can make every single element hyper-personal. It doesn’t mean you have to ditch anything you don’t want to, but you can invest in the things you really love. Like…

1. Time

You’re going to have more of it. You won’t have to run here and there. You can be calm and focused on each other. There is no rigid order of events, just a relaxed hint of a plan that can flex with you.


2. With feeling

An intimate wedding doesn’t mean it’s a ‘quickie no fuss’ affair – it just means that it’s so much more about you the couple, and all your energy goes into celebrating the reason you’ve decided to commit to each other.


3. Snogs

Without an audience, you can embrace that moment after you’ve shared your vows and enjoy a long lingering snog without worrying about granny…


4. Photographer

You’ll probably have more budget to get a kick-ass photographer to capture that moment that you decided to make it all about you and your love


5. Cake

So many people think a microwedding = no cake, but actually it’s a chance to have more cake. And we’re here for any excuse to enjoy a beautiful cake in your favourite flavours, just for two


6. Outfits

Wear what you want! Be it jumpers and wellies on the beach or a frock you’ve chosen because you adore it. No rules and no expectations


7. Flowers

Create that wild bouquet or flower crown you’ve been dreaming about. That budget is now going to cover those things you really really want.


8. Adventure

After the last six months, we could all use a little adventure and with the whole of Scotland on your doorstep – you can go anywhere and choose the ceremony location of your dreams.

Basically, they tend to feel more honest, more you and totally romance-focussed (and offer minimal RSVP stress opportunities, too!)”


Are you having a microwedding? Why have you fallen in love with the idea? Let us know!